fibreglass props

Mark excels in the construction of fibreglass props, being extremely durable and lightweight it is a suitable choice for prop making. Fibreglass is also a great medium to be spray painted to cover large areas and give an extremely hard-wearing surface. 

Fibreglass props also lend themselves to mass production, where he takes a mould from the initial sculpture and make multiple exact copies. 


Crazy Golf Props

KD EVENTS are a leading events management company offering professionally run services from private events, corporate parties to weddings and more. New for 2020, KD commissioned Mark to create large props for a mobile crazy golf course. The large props were diverse - ranging from King Kong, an erupting volcano, whimsical tree, Big Ben, a Space Shuttle with surrounding planets and lastly a dragon! 



DEADHAPPY is a new brand trying to use humour to change the dull perception of life insurance. Mark was commissioned to create four wearable skull heads and sculpt a walking stick with a chrome brand Skull Head.