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fibreglass props

Mark excels in the construction of fibreglass props, being extremely durable and lightweight it is a suitable choice for prop making. Fibreglass is also a great medium to be spray painted to cover large areas and give an extremely hard-wearing surface. 

Fibreglass props also lend themselves to mass production, where he takes a mould from the initial sculpture and make multiple exact copies. 


Santa's Reindeer

The Watford Chamber of Commerce engaged Mark to create the fibreglass reindeer needed to pull Santa's sleigh (which was supplied by Warner Bros).

Feature Bar

Feature Bar

Suraj Vithiani is an award-winning architect for Motion Architecture. Favouring simple, contemporary designs, his latest project is a new build modernist home of 1100sqm in Chorleywood. Suraj approached Mark with a challenge: to provide a large, monolithic, bar with an attractive opaque finish in daylight, but which was sufficiently translucent to allow coloured light to be seen from within the structure at night.   ​Mark started the process by sampling various materials until a finish was agreed (his concept of a translucent GRP paste being found to provide the best solution). The existing wooden form was then coated with layers of GRP and the translucent filler paste, before being wet-sanded and spray-painted with layers of 2K paint, including pearlescent and metallic finishes. One of the most challenging aspects of this project was working in situ with the house build nearing completion, where an approach that complied with strict working conditions was needed.   

Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf Props

KD EVENTS are a leading events management company offering professionally run services from private events, corporate parties to weddings and more. New for 2020, KD commissioned Mark to create large props for a mobile crazy golf course. The large props were diverse - ranging from King Kong, an erupting volcano, whimsical tree, Big Ben, a Space Shuttle with surrounding planets and lastly a dragon! 



DEADHAPPY is a new brand trying to use humour to change the dull perception of life insurance. Mark was commissioned to create four wearable skull heads and sculpt a walking stick with a chrome brand Skull Head. 

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