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mould making

Mark excels in mould making, which is a suitable choice for most small-scale props. 

Using materials such as silicon, fast cast resins and fillite, this makes a surface suitable for either hand painting or spray painting. The Mould making technique is also used for prop mass production where he takes a mould from the initial sculpture to make multiple exact copies. 


Deliveroo Christmas 2019 Campaign

Mark was commissioned to transform two-dimensional designs into 3D replicas of some of Deliveroo customers' favourite fast food items. Delivered by Deliveroo, 1,300 pieces were produced and included the Burger King Whopper, KFC Chicken Bucket, Wagamama Gyoza, Pizza Hut Margareta slice, ‘All Hail the Turkey’ Byron Burger, Ask Italia Basil Pesto Genovese pasta, YO! Crunchy Cali Roll and GBK Burger. This campaign attracted a lot of media interest and demonstrated Mark's ability to ramp up production to large volumes.

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