large props

Large props make a big impact and Mark has a great track record of making them for a variety of events in entertainment and leisure to art installations and promotional campaigns. He tends to sculpt in polystyrene and coat with a hard exterior such as fibreglass and resin. He can mould and cast large props in multiples if required. He can also design the props to be easily assembled and transportable. 

Giant Baubles for Battersea Power Station

A 4 metre tall Christmas bauble pyramid and run-away bauble display commissioned for the Battersea Power station development. This installation has featured in much of the Christmas event publicity produced by the organisation. Night-time shots courtesy of JulesFoto on


Megalodon and sharks for Antepavilion 2020

2020 Antepavilion competition winner Jaimie Shorten's proposal comprised of full-scale replica sharks. Mark was commissioned to create the 5 metre Megalodon dinosaur shark, which involved building a fuselage body plus fibre-glassing and realistically painting two Great Whites and a Tiger shark which were CNC'd by ProDuck. 


Golden Scissors barbershop props

Mark was commissioned to make large props of pieces of barber’s equipment for Golden Scissors - a chain of Turkish inspired barber shops. 

Mike Taylor Marketing Props


Mark was approached by Mike Taylor Education to create over-sized hair dressing tools for a trade exhibition.


Other Large Props

A wide variety of large-scale props have been requested over the years....